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Our Team

Carlos de la Riva Sáez
Sérgio de la Riva
Carlos de la Riva Goded
Administrative Manager
Fábio Nunes
Production Supervisor
Gustavo Andriewiski
Sound Department Manager
Bernardo Amaral
Financial Manager
Érica Silva
Production Manager


Delart is a company with over 40 years of experience in audio recording for motion pictures. It was founded by Mr. Carlos de la Riva, a Spanish engineer, whose experience in audio is even greater than our own history. He worked in Spain and United States and later was a pioneer in dubbing for motion pictures in Brazil.

Since its inception

Since its inception, Delart has been present in the implementation of great milestones of Brazilian cinema’s history. From “Macunaíma” e “Black God, White Devil” (still Rivaton) to the latest.

Due to its track record, Delart has become the main dubbing studio to the biggest international productions and blockbusters, being responsible for the Brazilian versions of the biggest hits of cinema. Delart is always on demand by the most important studios in Hollywood, like Walt Disney, Sony Columbia, warner Bros, Universal, Paramount, Fox, among others.

With a record

With a record that includes the greatest national and international productions, Delart is acknowledged for its excellence and attention to detail. Our studios are among the few in Latin America with Dolby certification, a unique achievement that matches us with the best mixing studios in the United States and Europe.

Currently Delart carries out projects for film, television, home video, games, audio description and film production.