Delart is constantly adapting to all the new industry technologies. In order to meet these demands, it is divided in two distinct facilities: Delart TV and Delart Cine.

Our staff is highly qualified and it includes a very selective group of translators and artistic directors who make no compromises with respect to the effort in bringing up only the greatest possible result in adaptation and artistic interpretation. Delart has always maintained the most up-to-date professional solutions in recording, editing and digital mixing, which has become the reason why Delart is the main studio for dubbing film productions in Brazil.

Our activities include project for cinema, TV, DVD, dubbing, and also audio pre and post production. We also excel in Printmaster Dolby Digital projects.

Two Facilities:

– Delart Cine and Delart TV
– Mixing studios
– Fast Internet Access (100 Mbps)
– Wireless access
– Gigabit network

Production material exchange:

– Smartjog
– Digidelivery
– Aspera
– Signiant / Media Exchange
– FTP (our FTP servers are located in our own premises, and no critical data is stored in third-party data centers).